Megan Avalon


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Megan Avalon is a personal trainer with a nice looking body. This woman has long blonde hair. Her eyes are blue. One of her hands is placed on her head. The other hand is resting on her thigh. She is turned slightly to the side. She twists her upper body to face the camera. Her arms have muscles on them. Her abs are toned. She has a pierced belly button. She is wearing makeup. Her lips have a shade of pink. A white blanket is hanging on the back. It serves as a backdrop for her pose.

Angela Salvagno


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Angela Salvagno is flexing her body to show off her muscles. She has long and curly hair. It reaches pass her shoulder. Her boobs are big and up. They are like two huge balls hanging. Even her chest has muscles. The girl is wearing jeans. Her hands are on her waist. Her fists are flexed. She has toned arms and abs. Her abs is sculpted well. The girl has a long face. Her mouth is open slightly. Her background is quite different. It has a shade of yellow and grey. You can see the muscles on her abs.

Amanda Folstad


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Amanda Folstad is posing with her husband. Both of them are naked. The girl has blond hair. She has perfectly sculpted body. One arm is wrapped around the guy. One of her feet is lifted up. Her hand is on the side. She is flexing her body to show her body. The guy is holding her and pulling her body close to him. His arm has tattoo on it. His body is well toned as well. The floor is covered with brown cloth. Their background is just a drawing on the cloth. They are intensely looking at each other.

Michelle Baker


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Michelle Baker is shooting her first nude photo. This is the first time she shows the world her body builder body. Her body is turning on the side. She twists the upper body to look at the camera. One hand is extended. Her other hand is flexed. She is wearing white socks that reach her knees. She has dark brown and curly hair. Behind her is a backdrop of the city at night. You can see tall buildings with lights. She is not wearing any panty. Her pussy doesn’t have any hair. One of her legs is lounged forward.

Roxy Rain


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Roxy Rain is body builder posing nude. This woman has long brown hair. It falls just pass her shoulder. One of her hand is rested on her head. The other is rested on one of her thighs. Her boobs are big. Her nipples are erect. They look like balls hanging on her chest. Her waist is so tiny. You can see muscles on her abdominal area. Her butt has nice shape to it. A grey wall serves as her backdrop. You can see her pussy. It doesn’t have any hair to it. Her stomach is well sculpted.

Jeska Vardinski


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Jeska Vardinski is playboy girl posing for the camera. She is posing nude on the shower. This blonde girl is completely naked. You can see a tattoo on one side of her abs. She is washing her lower area. You can see soap bubbles in her hands. Her body is all wet. She is leaning on the tiles of the bathroom. Her chin is raised up. You can see her neck. She is holding her pussy area. Her boobs have nice shape to it. They are like watermelons on her chest. There is a space in between her boobs.

Sarah Dunlap


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Sarah Dunlap is showing off her body builder body. This girl has long black hair. One side is falling on her back. The other side is lifted by her hand. She is posing like a center cover of the magazine. One of her hands is raised up. She is resting it on her head. The other one hand is on her waist. She is like removing her jeans. For the top, the girl is wearing fishnet but it has huge opening. Her boobs are not that big. Her chest is a bit pinkish. The girl has sculpted abs.



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Billie is cleaning her bathroom. She stops to pose for the camera. She is wearing a purple and a tiny sport shirt. She isn’t wearing any panty. This girl is wearing brown sandals. One of her hand is rested on the sink. She is holding gloves. The other hand is holding a cleaner. Her hand is wearing a glove. You can see cleaning tools all over the bathroom. The tiles of the bathroom are color blue. You can see a window on one side of the bathroom. You can see bottles on top of the sink.

Melissa Dettwiller


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Melissa Dettwiller is tied in chains. She loves pain in her body. She is completely naked showing off her body builder body. Both hands are raised. They are tied together in chains. The girl is wearing white socks and black high heels shoes. Both of her feet are tied in chains. The walls are painted in chains. She is tied on a wooden tool. Her abs is sculpted perfectly. Her arms have muscles. Her thighs and legs are also covered with muscles. The girl has a blonde hair. It falls above her shoulders. Her head is tilted on the side.



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Brandi is posing on top of a white bed. This red haired beauty is smiling comfortable. She is kneeling down on top of the bed. She is sitting down on her legs. She has a nice shape butt. It has a tattoo on one side. Both of her hands are resting on her thighs. She is wearing black high heels shoes. There is a white curtain flowing behind her. You can also see a divider behind the curtain. There is also a plant beside the divider. Her legs are wide open. Her boobs are not the big.